As I promise to Introduce you Here with Websites that related With Nepal and tibet.So here is one anthor Must Visit Website In Thai langauge.
I got many Email Mostely ask me about Meanings of Gods and Goddess and about Tibetan Buddhism In Thai langauge . Some time it's hard for me to explain in thai .Don't you think it's wonderful if There is some Thai website that Provide you all information about mahayana Buddhism in your langauge .

Main page of The website
So here i am going to introduce one very good Thai website http://www.mahayana.in.th/ , Here Are some Screenshots Of website. it may be help you to find What you are looking for. If you want to know any other Things you can also type what youwant to know in search box above .
Website Feature menu

I have recomend this website to many Friends and My coustumers . Everybody Happy with this website. website design is very simple ,everybody can use it's feature menu well if you can read thai.

List of Buddha and Bodhistwa Meanings are availbale on this site

Padam Sambhava Mantra by Ani choying Drolma

Display of One meaning page about shakyamuni, In introduction page some pictures are in B/W and Some pictures Are in colour.

Mahakala Introduction Page .So Friends if you have any Question ,You can Email me or Write in Comments Box i will Try to help as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting This Blog and Hope you like my post .

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Kundalini Yoga Chakra


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