GANESH THANKA As we know we worship Ganesha in many forms. Among many forms of Ganesha. we will see here 32 forms Ganesha Picture. Please read my old post about 32 names of Ganesh, where i have only intrudce 32 names of Ganesh. So many friends E-mail and ask If there is a Pictures of 32 forms ganesh. I search in the Internet for the pictures of 32 ganesh . Finally I found a book in thai language about 32 forms of ganesh. which you can buy from all thailand book store and All Nepal arts gallery Branches . here I have post Picture of Book for you.

GANESHAGanesha is also known as "Siddhi data" or bestower of success in work. Ganesha is worshipped as the lord of wisdom, success, beginnings as the lord of defender and remover of obstacles, and patron of arts and sciences. Read more about Ganesha The God of Wisdom . Also read detail of 32 Forms Of Ganesh Book .

Click pictures below to View Detail Pictures Of 32 Forms Ganesh

1.Bal Ganapati 2. Taruna Ganapati 3. Bhakti Ganapati 4.Vira Ganapati 5. Shakti Ganapati6. Dvija Ganapati7. Siddhi Ganapati8. Ucchhishta Ganapati 9. Vighna Ganapati10. Kshipra Ganapati11. Heramba Ganapati12. Lakshmi Ganapati
Ganesh Mantra By Ani Choying Drolma Album "TIME"
13. Maha Ganapati 14. Vijaya Ganapati 15. Nritya Ganapati 16. Urdhva Ganapati 17. Ekakshara Ganapati 18. Varada Ganapati 19. Triakshara Ganapati 20. Kshipra Prasada Ganapati 21. Haridra Ganapati 22. Ekadanta Ganapati 23. Srishti Ganapati 24. Uddanda Ganapati 25. Rin mochana Ganapati 26. Dhundhi Ganapati 27. Dwimukha Ganapati 28. Trimukha Ganapati 29. Singha Ganapati 30.Yoga Ganapati 31. Durga Ganapati 32. Sankatahara Ganapati 32 Ganesha Book
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Mr.Choosak Vissanukamron These paintings are painted by Mr. Choosak Vissanukamron

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