I just found a Thanka painting of Vajrasattva by Tseden Namgyal. I like this Thanka very much that's why i would like to share with you. Hope you may like this Thanka. You can view this Thanka and other in online catalogue at Torana House website. This catalogue from a Torana exhibition held during 2007 about Contemporary Thangka Painting Masters from Tibet and Nepal
Vajrasattva by Tseden Namgyal

Mineral pigments and gold. painted on 2005. Size 43x33cm
About Tseden Namgyal:
Tseden Namgyal is one of Lhasa’s best known contemporary thangka painters. He has received a considerable degree of official recognition in recent years with shows in the United States as well as China and his works have appeared in numerous publications, most recently in an eight-page article in “Tibet” magazine. He has outstanding mastery of the form, which is particularly clear in the perfectly proportioned faces of his figures. One of his specialties is finely worked gilding, using a variety of techniques to produce contrasting finishes using gold foil and gold paint, as in this small painting.

The subject of this painting is Vajrasattva, who is an important god in Tantric Buddhism who stands at the head of one of the “clans” of Buddhas (that of Aksobhya). He is often portrayed at the top of thangka paintings of Buddhas and other figures from this group, where he is regarded as the originating deity who manifests the other forms.

Vajrasattva holds the bell (drilbu) and thunderbolt (dorje), the two symbols together representing the union of wisdom and compassion. He sits on a lotus throne, surrounded by peonies and precious offerings.
See Online Catalogue at Torana House website

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