Pronunciation (Tibetan):
Om Mani Peme Hum.
Mantra for Love and Compassion.

Chanting a mantra, for a longer period of time allows you to go ‘deep into the mantra’. Although the concept of mediation is interpreted in many different ways, it is generally true that mantras support meditation. Mantras can also be used to fall asleep, to wake up or to relax. They can be applied to activities such as painting a Mandala, doing yoga, massage etc. Some other Mantras I have Posted Before are The long mantra of Compassion Buddha , VAJRA GURU MANTRA (mantra of Padama Sambhava), Happiness Is Om Mani Padme Hum and More ...
Here I want to tell you about meaning of Mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum"

This mantra originates form Chenrezig, the Tibetan name of the Buddha of Compassion (Sanskrit: Avalokiteshvara see picture on the right). Chen means Eye, re means Corner of the Eye and zig means to see. Chenrizing means so to speak: He who sees the needs of all the people with compassionate eyes. Avalokiteshvara has been regarded as the most important Bodhisatwa of Tibet, the essence of speech of all Buddha’s and the manifestation of their compassion.


Om (Left Image Is Om ) encloses the dimensions of Body, Speech and Spirit. Often in life we experience disturbances and negative emotions which draw us away from our true nature. The OM gives us the possibility to transform this into pureness.
OM also can be translates as the essence of all enlightened form.
MANI means Jewel that stands for love and compassion (these two make everything possible and are a real jewel.)
PADME is Lotus, the flower that grows on the water and that shows everything exactly as it is; a vision in reality. The flower of wisdom and understanding (insight).
HUM represents the spirit of enlightenment. The effect is stabilization and purifying of the spirit.

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